King Ranch is home to a wide variety of wildlife, and habitat management practices on this South Texas land for the benefit of wildlife date back to the early 1900s when brush shelters were first constructed for bobwhite quail. The natural areas of the King Ranch were dubbed “a gem… and must be kept intact” by Aldo Leopold, known by many as the father of wildlife management, in 1947, and protecting and providing opportunities for these animals is of great and continuing importance to our entire operation.

We worked with artist Teal Coke Blake to shine a light on some of our favorite South Texas species, from the Ferruginous Pygmy Owl, to the revered Rattlesnake, to the elusive Nilgai, to all be faithfully recorded in the pages of his personal sketch book. These wild animals are known all too well to Teal, as he spends his days working, sketching, and appreciating the outdoors.

Teal’s sketches and paintings capture the reality and oftentimes untamed life of what it is to be a cowboy and to marvel at the wild creatures of this vast environment. Rising early in the mornings to meet the dawn and beauty of all the west has to offer, that’s Teal’s real well-spring of inspiration in creating his bountiful world of art. It’s easy to see from his watercolors to his oil paintings with every pen and brush stroke what has made him the beloved and award winning artist that he is. Click HERE to check out more of his amazing artwork and be sure to follow him on Instagram as well.

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