Guided Hunting at the King Ranch

By October 15, 2019 6 Comments

King Ranch is the birthplace of Texas game conservation and the proof is evident in the quantity and quality of wildlife found within its boundaries. The area constitutes a pristine wildlife habitat that includes huge live oak mottes, thousands of acres of mixed-brush environments, freshwater wetlands, and extensive coastal prairies and marshes. In this video, explore the Norias Division of the King Ranch with our world-class hunting guides and spend a day in their boots: glassing for Nilgai, calling in Turkey, and navigating this wild terrain that we’ve come to know over the last 166 years.


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  • Hurrah for The King Ranch I am 83 years a native Texan. May it always be that special place

  • Michael Hughey says:

    Oh my I would live to go on a guided hunt on King Ranch. What an exciting opportunity this would be for my family!

  • Susan Allday says:

    My 7 year old great nephew lives to hunt and fish, and says one day he will have his own ranch. I would love for him to get to experience this ranch and its rich history of how it started and what it has gown to be.

  • George Jones says:

    I have been to the ranch many times. Hunted there. My parents were good friends with Bill and Rita Mcbride when Bill was ranch foreman. Great place. Do any of the Mcbride still work on ranch?

  • Marsha Kelley McAlexander says:

    I’ve rescued two partially trained very young bird dogs. They both have soft mouths.

    Do you offer bird dog finishing?

  • Paul Kniss says:

    I am interested in a nilgai Hunt on the King Ranch in March 2022 for 3-4 hunters, cost per animal and general information. Thanks Paul Kniss