Watch “A Days Work”

By March 11, 2019 3 Comments


  • Brenda DeWitt says:

    We live in Raymondvillle and know a lot of the guys that have worked on the ranch. Got to admire the brand and what it took to build and hold it together over the years. Hope they’re able to continue the legacy. This was a well done video!

  • Donna Hoffman says:

    Hello. I’m the granddaughter of Realitos one-room school house King Ranch educators Ruth and Gatewood Jones. Has there been any writing or photography gathered about the subject of education on the King Ranch? Thanks. Donna Hoffman

    • pam kirkpatrick says:

      Hey Donna, There is a book “Voices from the Wild Horse Desert” that has some info on education on the ranches. It is a very interesting read and I think you will enjoy it.